Monty Woods

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Monty Woods is fifty-plus years of age. He is serving for the sixth time as president of the Club.

Monty has been a member of Ryan’s Way for 25 years.  He is responsible for many of the course improvements, which he accredits to his membership surveys.

Monty retired two years ago after selling his communications business in 2005.  He spends his mornings at the Club.  Monty is always asking the members about how to improve the course.  His world is the golf course and the private club life.  Several members believe that he overreacts to situations, especially about the golf course.

Monty does not like surprises, especially concerning the Member/Member dinner, his annual big event.

Monty has never had a handicap lower than 20.  He never wagers on the outcome of his matches but bets on the derby.

Monty always says when he stops golfing he will take up fishing.

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