Rebecca “Dimples” Reagan

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Dimples Reagan is a single, career-minded woman.  Dimples has worked at the Ryan’s Way for five years and was recently promoted to Club manager. Her prior position was as Club banquet manager.  Some say that Dimples has moved up the ranks rather quickly with the help of an overly attentive Preston Heinz.

Dimples is a graduate of the Media School of Business with a minor degree in interior decorating.  In the past, she has worked as an events planner and wedding planner.

Dimples is not a golfer.  She does a good job as a consumer adviser and knows how to spend other peoples’ money.

Dimples is a member of the personnel and non-golf special events committees.  Many staff members underestimate her abilities.

Dimples and head Golf Professional Tyler Flagg are the best of friends. They attend buyers’ conventions to purchase products sold in the Pro Shop.

Dimples and Sissy Fairways are shopping buddies.

Dimples dresses to the nines every day.  She often is described as a clotheshorse.  She follows a strict fitness and nutrition regimen.

Her favorite cable channel is the Style Channel.

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