Tyler Flagg

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Tyler Flagg is in his mid 40s, a very proper representative of the golf industry.

He has been a professional golfer for 17 years, starting at Ryan’s Way as the second assistant and advancing to head professional nine years ago.  He lives for golf and has spent all his life in the private club golf community.

Tyler graduated from an Ivy League college with a degree in economics.  He knows all the right people in local society.  He is a member and past president of the local Rotary Club.

Tyler attends many community business/social events representing Ryan’s Way. He and Monty Woods, the Club president, are seen together at all the regional events and expos of the golfing industry.

He is married with two children and lives within four miles of the course.

Tyler owns Ryan’s Way golf Pro Shop with a percentage of the profits going into the Club’s general fund.  He contributes his opinions to the Club’s membership and policy committees regarding the products and services the Club should provide.

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