Meet the Characters

Alistair Lane

Second Assistant Golf Professional at Ryan's Way
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Alistair is in his early 20s. He is very enthusiastic and accommodating to Ryan’s Way Golf members. Al has an excellent memory for details and the rules of golf. Alistair is single and a recent college graduate with a degree … More

Johnny Fourtrees

Ryan’s Way Head Groundskeeper
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Johnny is forty-something years of age.  Quiet around club members, he is very vocal to the staff.  Johnny relocated from Arizona seven years ago at the request of the Club’s Personnel search committee, chaired by Augustus Trap. Johnny is single. … More

Tyler Flagg

Head Golf Professional, Ryan’s Way
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Tyler Flagg is in his mid 40s, a very proper representative of the golf industry. He has been a professional golfer for 17 years, starting at Ryan’s Way as the second assistant and advancing to head professional nine years ago.  … More

Monty Woods

Ryan’s Way Club President
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Monty Woods is fifty-plus years of age. He is serving for the sixth time as president of the Club. Monty has been a member of Ryan’s Way for 25 years.  He is responsible for many of the course improvements, which … More

Rebecca “Dimples” Reagan

Ryan’s Way Club Manager
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Dimples Reagan is a single, career-minded woman.  Dimples has worked at the Ryan’s Way for five years and was recently promoted to Club manager. Her prior position was as Club banquet manager.  Some say that Dimples has moved up the … More

Cecilia (Sissy) Huntington Fairways

Socialite and Volunteer at Ryan’s Way
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Sissy Fairways is the wife of A. Randolph (Randy) Fairways, the son of D. Sanford (Sandy) Fairways.  The Fairways are one of the founding families of the Ryan’s Way Golf Club. Sissy is on the social register and is invited … More

Miss Aimee “Poly” Irons

County Detective
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Miss Irons is in her early thirties and earned the nickname ‘Poly’ because  she can tell a lie from the truth.  Poly is an attractive, self-assured woman. She has a keen eye for detail, especially in evaluating people’s responses to … More

Lieutenant Eugene Hazard

Chief of Police
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Lt. Hazard has just turned 50.  His surprise birthday party was held at Ryan’s Way Golf Club.  Lt. Hazard has lived in the area all his life.  He caddied at the course in high school.  For several years before his … More

Dr. Prudence Wedge

County Coroner
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Dr. Wedge is a single 46 year-old woman. She is a full time instructor at State College, where she teaches biology and pre-med courses. She has a limited practice at the County Hospital where she serves as County Coroner. Dr. … More

Augustus Trap

Longest Club member at Ryan’s Way
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Augustus Trap is retired and very active in his retirement.  Recently widowed, he spends most of his free time at Ryan’s Way Golf Club.  He has played in all the tournaments since joining Ryan’s Way.  He follows the rules of … More

Ashley Hagen

dining staff member at Ryan’s Way
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Ashley recently completed a two-year course in nutrition at State College.  She is the most recent hire at Ryan’s Way.  Ashley hopes to become a chef and plans to own her own restaurant. Ashley is quick learner.  She is impressed … More

Paul “Bogey” Kellogg

Bartender, source of all rumors at Ryan’s Way
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Bogey is an exceptional bartender.  His main claim to fame is winning the Bartender of the County Contest in 1998.  Bogey’s famous mixed drinks are the Double Bogey, the Triple Bogey, and Lights Out.  Bogey makes special drinks for special … More

Gracie Fontaine

Senior Server at Ryan’s Way
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Gracie Fontaine is the most senior staff member among the servers at Ryan’s Way Golf Club.  She attended LSU, majoring in art history.  Gracie is an accomplished artist, working mainly in charcoal.  She is in charge of all training for … More

Ms. Ceres Mulligan

Multi-Media Reporter
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Ms. C. Mulligan is a career journalist.  She has worked for several large newspapers and has traveled worldwide. Ms. Mulligan was downsized to a smaller regional firm and now wears many professional hats. She developed an internet daily publication, cable … More

Chef Marcel

I am Chef Marcel born in Normandy, France. I am the second longest kitchen staff member of Ryan’s Way. I am a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school of Paris France. I have traveled worldwide practicing my skills, having worked … More

Sandee Woods

I am Sandee Woods, the wife of Monty Woods, past club president. I enjoy all the amenities at Ryan’s Way, especially the golf course. I come from a golfing family as do many of our women golfers. I like the competitive matches … More

April Savoy

Hi, I’m April, younger sister of Juan Savoy. I’m a worldwide events planner, thanks to Juan who owns ‘Finally Yours’ events international. I arrange special projects and events for my brother and many of his friends. Our busiest season is always wedding … More

Lauren Lash

I’m Lauren Lash, the assistant groundskeeper at Ryan’s Way. I am very thankful to Ty Flagg for his recommendation to the personnel committee to assist Johnny Fourtrees. I have a degree in horticulture and just sold my flower shop to a large … More

Diana Hagen

Unfortunately I’m Ashley’s younger sister and I just celebrated my 20th birthday. My sister thinks I’m spoiled because I’m the youngest in our family. But what does she know. I’m happy to be a server at Ryan’s Way especially because I get … More

C. Ralphie Palmer

Just call me a good old boy from Texas. I’m a straight shooter and I don’t beat around the bush on any subject. I may be a little loud when trying to make a point but I feel that sometimes it’s necessary. … More

Billy London

I’m Billy London from over the pond. I just celebrated my 36th birthday. I was hired 15 months ago to fill the opening at Ryan’s Way for the first assistant pro. The lady members seem to enjoy all my services. I am … More