Author Art Leahy

“Death on the 16th Fairway” is based on a three-part story conceived and written by Art Leahy, a devoted golfer, author and playwright, and seasoned investment adviser in the Philadelphia area. While the trilogy is fictitious, each story is loosely based upon Leahy’s behind-the-scenes experience as a private golf club member, and financial professional.

The trilogy is the newest product launched by Leahy’s company, Golf Gaming Association (GGA). GGA is dedicated to entertaining the golfing, gaming, and general community.

Leahy is a fully-licensed financial adviser in Media, PA. He has been a financial consultant with the brokerage firm since 1996.

He has spent years committed to the business and local communities. He is an active member of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, the Brandywine Conference and Visitors Bureau, Glen Riddle Rotary Club, and serves as assistant coach for the Delaware County Chapter of the Special Olympics Golf Program.

Leahy enjoys spending time with his family, and playing golf at The Springhaven Club in Wallingford, PA.

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