The Trilogy

Part 1: Who Is Mr. X?

Follow the story as recorded in the personal journal of Alistair Lane, the 2nd assistant golf professional at the exclusive Ryan’s Way Golf Club. Alistair reports the happenings during the week of the club’s member/member competitions and the 50th Recognition Dinner.

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Part 2: Why Gracie?

‘Why Gracie?’ is a continuation on the original script that sees the club’s most senior staff member disappear at the beginning of the story. Questions stack up as Gracie’s connections to all social interactions of the membership and staff. Her relationships at Ryan’s Way are revealed.

Part 3: Where Is Lord William?

‘Where is Lord William?’ follows the intrigue behind the new first assistant pro from ‘over the pond’ who gets caught in several scandals. Audiences will enjoy this story of shady dealings and shadier affairs.

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