Miss Aimee “Poly” Irons

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Miss Irons is in her early thirties and earned the nickname ‘Poly’ because  she can tell a lie from the truth.  Poly is an attractive, self-assured woman. She has a keen eye for detail, especially in evaluating people’s responses to her questions.

Poly is single, athletic and an accomplished tennis player.  She played golf in high school and her first year in college.  Later, Poly switched to tennis, because, she said, golf was too slow, expensive, took too much time, and has too many rules to learn.

Poly majored in criminal psychology with a minor in communications, graduating with honors in the top ten percent of her class.

Poly has worked for the County for six years.  She has investigated 11 deaths in the past five years.  This is the second case in which Poly is the lead detective and her second case on a golf course.  Poly had investigated a death two years earlier when a golfer was struck by lightning, at the Bitter End Golf Club.

Poly’s personal opinion of golfers in private golf clubs is negative. She believes results matter and is politically correct. People in the law enforcement community consider her a rising star.

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