Cecilia (Sissy) Huntington Fairways

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Sissy Fairways is the wife of A. Randolph (Randy) Fairways, the son of D. Sanford (Sandy) Fairways.  The Fairways are one of the founding families of the Ryan’s Way Golf Club.

Sissy is on the social register and is invited to attend many non-golf events. Her opinions are highly regarded by members and staff at Ryan’s Way.

Sissy has a degree in fashion design with a minor in public speaking.  She attended the best schools selected by her father, Admiral Bernard Huntington.  Sissy has become best friends with Ryan’s Way manager Dimples Reagan. They often shop together for the clothing sold at the Ryan’s Way Pro Shop.

Sissy has played golf and tennis all her life.  She also chairs the Club’s Foundation for junior golf development.

Sissy chairs most of the social events at Ryan’s Way.  She has chaired the Recognition Dinner for the past eleven years.

Sissy’s opinion is highly regarded by the members at Ryan’s Way.  Head golf professional, Tyler Flagg, often consults with Sissy before making his decisions.

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