Lieutenant Eugene Hazard

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Lt. Hazard has just turned 50.  His surprise birthday party was held at Ryan’s Way Golf Club.  Lt. Hazard has lived in the area all his life.  He caddied at the course in high school.  For several years before his promotion to lieutenant, Lt. Hazard was a social member of the Club.

Lt. Hazard attended the Police Academy after serving in the Air Police during his time in the U.S. Air Force.  He usually works the swing shift, 4 pm to midnight.  He is not an early riser.

Lt. Hazard ticketed Mark Heinz ten years ago for reckless driving and speeding.  The judge threw out the case.  Hazard received no explanation but suspected Preston Heinz of interfering.

Lt. Hazard has been awarded several honors for marksmanship with a handgun. He attends classes in new technologies in law enforcement.

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