Paul “Bogey” Kellogg

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Bogey is an exceptional bartender.  His main claim to fame is winning the Bartender of the County Contest in 1998.  Bogey’s famous mixed drinks are the Double Bogey, the Triple Bogey, and Lights Out.  Bogey makes special drinks for special occasions, especially the Recognition Dinner’s Worm Burner Cocktail.

Bogey is married to a local real estate agent.  He is an advocate of   fitness and nutrition.  Bogey is the lead singer of the award-winning Happy Suds Barbershop Quartet.

Bogey is a graduate of the Memphis School of Mixology, a nationally recognized institution.  He says that his little black book of drinks lists every concoction known to man.

Bogey connects drinkers’ faces to favorite drinks.  He will gamble on any competition.  Bogey’s annual vacation is to Las Vegas from mid -January to mid-February, when Ryan’s Way is closed. He places bets on sporting events for himself and certain Club members.  Although he is talkative, the members trust Bogey. He often gives unsolicited advice on any subject.

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