Ms. Ceres Mulligan

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Ms. C. Mulligan is a career journalist.  She has worked for several large newspapers and has traveled worldwide. Ms. Mulligan was downsized to a smaller regional firm and now wears many professional hats. She developed an internet daily publication, cable TV reporting, an internet radio program, and other local outlets for her column

Ms. Mulligan believes the story comes first.  Personal feelings are of no consequence.  She often says “The evidence tells the story.”

Ms. Mulligan is still looking for that big story.  She is not a golfer but is an avid sports fan, especially of NASCAR.  She does consider golfers to be athletes and appreciates the competition. She wagers on all sporting events.

Ms. Mulligan always wears jeans and sneakers and was escorted off the Ryan’s Way grounds for improper attire during the Mayor Elect’s luncheon last fall.

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