Alistair Lane

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Alistair is in his early 20s. He is very enthusiastic and accommodating to Ryan’s Way Golf members. Al has an excellent memory for details and the rules of golf.

Alistair is single and a recent college graduate with a degree in marketing and advertising.  He recently completed an online course in consumer affairs.

Alistair has been playing golf since he was 12.  He has played in regional tournaments and has traveled locally since his freshman year in high school.

Alistair is a good organizer with creative ideas for golf competition.  He is working on a new competition tied to gambling for on-course play. Many of the members consider Al the best swing mechanic on staff.

Alistair’s personal goal is to become the manager of a large private club, hotel, casino or any combination of the aforementioned. He is continuing his education online and in the evening.  His best friend at Ryan’s Way is Johnny Fourtrees, the head groundskeeper.

Alistair was added to the full time staff as the Club’s membership expanded over the past three years.

Alistair does not handle pressure well from people outside the golfing community.

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